T-TRANS Leaflet

1) What is the case study 3 about? Intelligent Containers!

The capacities of many terminals at seaports have reached their limits but the operators and authorities don’t have always the possibility to invest in new infrastructure or land to expand the terminal area and increase the capacity by that way. That is why the efficiency of the container transshipment and transport needs to be increased by ITS. This case study refers to intelligent containers that are equipped with ICT in order to:

  1. “Know” how they are (monitoring conditions inside)
  2. “Know” where they are (localisation)
  3. Be able to communicate with each other (via uniquely identifiable objects in an internet-like structure)
  4. Make context aware decisions (autonomous logistics)
  5. Have and give all information with no time delay (real time information)
  6. Be in control of access (e-seals)

Intelligent Container

For more information contact Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML, who is in charge with the maritime case study: susanne.kellberger@cml.fraunhofer.de


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