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2nd T-TRANS G-local CIM workshop in Galicia

2nd Workshop in GaliciaThe 2nd T-TRANS workshop of the G-local CIM in Galicia took place the 23rd of June in Vigo. This event was carried out again in collaboration with CTAG and ITS Spain, members of the Stakehorder Advisory Board of the project. With new faces among the attendees, the event started with the project video, followed by a brief overview of the agenda and its objectives. Then, Jorge López (ATOS) presented the outcomes of two main deliverables of the project, but focused to road area: D4.5 ITS market roadmap report and D5.2 Technology Commercialization for ITS applications Best Practice Report.

Diego Rodríguez (CTAG) opened the second session of the workshop explained a relevant initiative related to the deployment of ITS in Galicia, HeERO. After this presentation, Cecilia Medina (SERNAUTO) introduced the results of the benchmarking exercise of open innovation platforms and the T-TRANS ITS network concept proposal, in which the later open discussion was based on. As conclusion, the participants identified the key elements that a “new” innovation platform has to be included to be considered of interest.

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