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T-TRANS on ETNA PLUS Baltic Regional Information Day and Brokerage Event

Bnnewrail_4440y 3rd of October 2014 in Riga was organized ETNA PLUS Baltic Regional Information Day and Brokerage Event. The event was supported by Estonian research Council, Riga Technical University and

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Clean fuels for transport: Member States now obliged to ensure minimum coverage of refuelling points for EU-wide mobility

LOGO CE_Vertical_EN_quadriNew EU rules have been adopted to ensure the build-up of alternative refuelling points across Europe with common standards for their design and use, including a common

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Protected: Final event registration

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What might sixty web-based platforms and networks have to tell us about open innovation?

ercim_postsOn the 25th anniversary issue of the ERCIM News, Intelspace SA has been invited and wrote an article presenting the key outcomes of the implemented,through the T-TRANS project, benchmarking exercise of sixty web-based platforms and networks concering

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T-TRANS Consortium participated to the 2014 M2M Innovation World Congress and NFC World Congress

conferences_logosThe 2014 edition of the M2M Innovation Congress and the NFC World Congress were held the 22-24th September in Marseille, France. They were organized with the aim of giving new inspirations for innovation and business setup to

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EU-funded driving system to boost electric cars

electric_carWhile electric cars are on the rise, many drivers are still concerned about running out of juice. Six partners from Germany, France, Austria and Spain have cut the consumption of electric vehicles with a new intelligent energy

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Public Private Partnerships in Transport: Trends & Theory Final Conference, 8 & 9 October 2014, Brussels

cost_project_logoCOST Action TU1001 on Public Private Partnerships in Transport: Trends & Theory (P3T3) was initiated in January 2011 to address the theoretical basis for PPPs in the transport sector considering (i) the decision-making process; (ii) the assessment

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T-TRANS consortium delivers EU market survey

ttrans deliverables logoThe integration of ICT in the transport sector is currently one of the top priorities on the EU agenda. Intelligent Transport Systems can significantly improve efficiency in terms of time and resources used to transport

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Intelligent Transport Systems : T-TRANS consortium delivers EU ITS Innovation Governance survey and guidelines for best practice

ttrans deliverables logoThe T-TRANS project has identified four transport sectors, in order to focus the analysis in four main global areas of interest for ITS deployment: electro-mobility sector, air cargo sector, intermodal freight transport sector and railway

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Our network welcomes NOMMON a Spanish R&D intensive SME as a member

logo_nommonNommon a research-intensive SME which provides simulation and decision support tools for the design, optimisation, and management of complex socio-technical systems is welcomed as a member to our T-TRANS network. Nommon integrates supporting databases with analytical and

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