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Electromobility development plan (2014-2016) in Latvia

electromobilityBy February of 2014 the Electromobility development plan (2014-2016) was approved by Cabinet of Ministers. The development plan was prepared by Transport Ministry and Road Traffic Safety Directorate. In general it is a first Electromobility dedicated plan

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2nd issue of the T-TRANS newsletter

ttrans-newsletter-100Following the project's dissemination plan, the T-TRANS consortium has made public available the 2nd issue of its newsletter, providing information on the project's knowledge and outcomes elaborated so far.

Analysis of transport innovations in the past

Deliverable 4.1 analyses the history of past selected innovation in the transport sector to determine the factors of success or failure and the economic impact of public funding. An economic model is drafted to provide with recommendations to different stakeholders.D4.1. T-TRANS Report on the success or failure of past innovations

New T-TRANS deliverable available aiming to bring understanding on critical factors of the ITS innovation process

Deliverable 4.2 “Identification of innovation chains based on case studies” has been finalized. This deliverable provides a solid understanding of the innovation systems of the selected case studies through the analysis of key applications on those. Results are expected to build up into the understanding of the interactions taking place in order to turn an

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Roadmap Report

ttrans-deliverables-100The aim of this document is to develope a roadmap process for each preselected (from proposal stage) Case Study in ordrer to obtain a set of recommendations and guidelines that will match the actual CS’s state of

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First issue of the T-TRANS newsletter

ttrans-newsletter-100Aiming at providing information on innovation mechanisms for the Intelligent Transport Systems domain, encouraging and facilitating an accelerated market deployment of related innovative products and services the T-TRANS consortium is pleased to make public available the first

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ITS state of the art assessment

ttrans deliverables logoThis report aims at enhancing the understanding of the relationships among various ITS areas, applications and technologies by developing an ITS ontology which links ITS applications and technologies based on the study of the four

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Integrated report on Intelligent Transport Systems policy support

ttrans deliverables logoThis report summarises the key strategic directives of the transport and innovation research policy in the EU and the key objectives of the economic aspects of the Common Transport Policy, with special emphasis on mapping

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T-TRANS brochure

The T-TRANS leaflet can be downloaded by clicking the image or here.

First T-TRANS Press Release

project-press-releaseIntroduction and general information about the project. You can download the first T-TRANS press release from here