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EU-funded driving system to boost electric cars

electric_carWhile electric cars are on the rise, many drivers are still concerned about running out of juice. Six partners from Germany, France, Austria and Spain have cut the consumption of electric vehicles with a new intelligent energy management and recovery system. The OpEneR team developed new functions and connected better the components and systems, allowing the driver to receive braking tips based on traffic flows and advice on the best route to limit energy use. Up to 30% of energy can be saved without losing much time on the way. The new solutions will be progressively commercialised and integrated into production of new models, making electric cars even greener.

“Our findings are important for the future of all electric vehicles including hybrids. They will help unlock the market”, explains Dr. Kosmas Knödler, the coordinator of OpEneR project, working for the Chassis Systems Control division at Robert Bosch GmbH.

After three years of intense collaboration and with €4.4 million of EU investment, the project team presented two demonstrator electric vehicles in Spain this summer.
OpEneR Project

Source: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-14-1019_en.htm

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