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First local workshop of the COMPASS4D project “Cooperative mobility systems in Thessaloniki”

compass4d-100The Institute for sustainable mobility and transportation networks of the Hellenic Center for Research & Technology during the implementation of the project «COMPASS4D: Cooperative Mobility Pilot on Safety and Sustainability Services for Deployment» which is funded by the ICT Policy Support Programme of the European commission, has invited INTELSPACE S.A. as representative of the T-TRANS consortium in its first local workshop on Monday 4th of March 2013.
The aim of the meeting has been to present both the work planned to be accomplished during the implementation of the Compass4D project and the services to the relevant bodies of the city and to discuss their views on the services of the project. Dr. Evangelos Mitsakis presented the expected benefits of the service and the potential applications to solve problems and to improve services have been. The outcomes of the meeting included the formulation of the requirements and needs of the guests actors on services cooperative mobility systems, and the potential interest in continued service after the pilot.
Mr. Isidoros Passas, on behalf of the T-TRANS consortium, presented shortly the objectives of the T-TRANS and the scope of the G-local CIM that is planned to be established as a pilot node in Thessaloniki.
All the participants acknowledged that there are many opportunities for collaboration between the T-TRANS project and COMPASS4D.
The project COMPASS4D is being funded for CIP – Competitiveness and Innovation Programme and is coordinated by ERTICO – ITS Europe

You can find more information about the Hellenic Institute of Transport here http://www.imet.gr/
Official COMPASS4D project web site http://compass4d.eu/

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