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Intelligent Transport Systems : T-TRANS consortium delivers EU ITS Innovation Governance survey and guidelines for best practice

ttrans deliverables logoThe T-TRANS project has identified four transport sectors, in order to focus the analysis in four main global areas of interest for ITS deployment: electro-mobility sector, air cargo sector, intermodal freight transport sector and railway transport sector. The National Innovation System (NIS) of each case sector was analysed combining a quantitative assessment with a qualitative survey, taking into consideration the role of the key stakeholders.
In the delivered survey, performed by the T-TRANS consortium and leaded by LGI Consulting, innovation indicators were defined for the concerned sectors, analysing them in partners’ countries. Results show that in some European countries, the National Innovation System (NIS) takes into consideration the specificities of each economic sector and, in some cases, of each transport mode. Long term development programs, R&D funding programs and business clusters are some of the tools used by public authorities to promote innovation in the transport sector. The capacity of innovation in the concerned sectors varies from one country to another, and this is reflected by the proposed quantitative innovation indicators.
As a conclusion of the survey, there are clear innovation opportunities for private companies in the sector. In order to succeed in improving the innovation capacity of a country in particular and the EU in global, it is necessary to foster the role of a central actor as coordinator of activities, defining clear objectives, coordinating the action of private and public stakeholders and allocating the necessary resources to reach the established goals. Even though innovation is not directly measurable, some indicators can give a dimension of such success. Thus, taking this into consideration, the document delivers a set of robust guidelines on ITS to European decision-makers.
To download the report please click the link: 4.5 Market Roadmap report

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