T-TRANS Leaflet

Our network welcomes Complete Payment Systems as a member

CPS LogoComplete Payment Systems (CPS) is a certified on-line transaction processing company. CPS provides secure and reliable transaction processing solutions for both new and existing e-commerce businesses in local and international markets.
CPS has been in the business of the e-commerce solutions since 1999, and the experience acquired over these years has allowed us to become a trustworthy partner for customers who rely on payments online.
CPS technological infrastructure has been organized in a way so as to comply with all the requirements and specifics of this business.
The quality and security of the services the company provides is attested by the data processing security standard that has been conferred, the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).
CPS business partners include banks in Latvia, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Great Britain and other countries.

You can download a short company profile from here here

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