T-TRANS Leaflet

Our network welcomes Emphasis Telematics SA as a member

news_logo_emphasisEmphasis Telematics provides solutions for the management of remote information since 1995. An expert engineering team applies Internet-of-Things and mobile technologies in order to optimize corporate decision making, based on real-time accurate sensor data, visualizing business processes.The firm designs, develops and deploys innovative Telematics solutions for industrial and logistics applications, addressing demanding requirements on operational, tactical and strategic corporate level. Emphasis Telematics provides over 800 corporations in Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and Saudi Arabia with a broad range of B2B solutions applied to telemetry, asset management, remote inventory and industrial production processes.
Emphasis Telematics is focused in vertical markets, integrating business process with advanced electronics, informatics and telecommunication technologies. Corporations which have selected and adopted Emphasis Telematics solutions can be found in industries such as:
Cold Chain Distribution,Retail Stores Fuel Distribution (Petroleum & LPG products),Sensitive Products Distribution (Cement, Concrete, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals),Field Services Freight Transportation,Logistics Services,Public and Passenger Transportation

You can download a short company profile from here

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