T-TRANS Leaflet

WP2: Analysis of present EU transport Research framework

In this initial stage the project will focus on assessing the policy-legal framework referring to specific measures for fostering Intelligent Transportation Systems and its impact towards the objectives of the Common Transport Policy. It is necessary to take into consideration the diverse and complex interactions of transport research policies with other cross-cutting policy domains. As a matter of fact, innovation is a horizontal policy driver that affects developments and performance in many other policy domains. Transport policies have in addition multiple interactions with, e.g., environment, energy, regional development, and industrial change.
These interactions have to be captured in innovation policy and vice-versa. The growing interdependence of policy areas brings a need of major coordination with respect to innovation and research support related issues. The main objective of this work package is to synthesize the legal and policy framework, bringing out the major lines of interaction between EU transport and innovation support policies, with special focus to ITS and keeping in mind that a better alignment of both domains will bring a better optimization of resources and an increased better use of the existing synergies which directly affect and influence global competitiveness of European Transport Industry.