T-TRANS Leaflet

WP5: Guidelines for market optimization

Being the Intelligent Transport Systems focused on applied research, a primal emphasis is how to broaden and deepen its technology transfer and commercialization strategies. T-TRANS proposal will enhance the uptake of innovations coming from the ITS area by reinforcing the understanding of the innovation chain operating in the selected case studies.
In this work-package, the observed strategies for the case studies will be analyzed regarding the matrix of risk identified also in WP3 and WP4, and including all the inputs from WP2, WP3 and WP4. For those technologies with no visible innovation chain to the market (i.e. those with longer expected deployment time to the market) a strategy for Technology Commercialization will be proposed and discussed.
All experts from TTRANS consortium plus other relevant experts invited will analyze the cases and discus in order to provide possible improvements.
Best practice examples will be exposed according from case studies, discussion seminars and analysis of relevant Research projects (FP7 funded).
The main aim of the Work-Package will be to provide a series of recommendations and guidelines for best practice in the form of guides and to raise awareness of Technology Commercialization mechanisms in order to be adopted by the ITS Innovation Network for its approach.