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Roadmap Report

ttrans-deliverables-100The aim of this document is to develope a roadmap process for each preselected (from proposal stage) Case Study in ordrer to obtain a set of recommendations and guidelines that will match the actual CS’s state of the art with T-TRANS vision for each of them, through R&D and specific technology solutions to help in achieving this vision. The identification of the major technology ITS areas/applications has been developed in the previous deliverable: ITS state of the art assessment, but  new ITS areas emerge in the different market visions of each CS  which have shaped the evolution of the CSs and are included in this roadmap process.

Each roadmap develops a growth path for the different technologies identified from nowadays’ state of the art to the near 2020,  drafting the vision in the different areas of each CS that need to be achieved to realize the technology’s full potential for each of the CS. The roadmap process has been supported with the active participation of some of the members of the T-TRANS Stakeholders Advisory Board. Experts of those institutions have provided valuable feedback throughout the roadmap exercise process.

You can download the T-TRANS Roadmap Report here

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