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Spanish high speed rail infrastructure faces budget cuts

ADIF_AVEADIF, the main Spanish railway infrastructure,  has put out to tender the installation of railway infrastructure (tracks, power, signalling) for the remaining sections of the Olmedo-Ourense line. The amount of the contract is 641 Eur million, and includes the preparation of plans, execution of works, maintenance of interlocking systems, ATP systems, CTC, auxiliary detection systems, fixed telecommunications, GSM-R and safety facilities. Besides it includes the future maintenance of the Ourense-Santiago de Compostela line, already in operation.

This project however implies a substantial cut over the planned high speed standard: many sections will be single-track (compared to double-track in the rest of the network) with a speed limit of 250 km/hour (compared to 350 km/hour). ADIF has expressed the intention to adjust this line to the original design as soon as the availability of budget resources allows it.

Likewise, budget cuts may also have impact on the following lines currently under construction:

  • Valladolid – León and Burgos
  • Venta de Baños – Burgos
  • Antequera – Granada
  • Murcia – Lorca
  • Pajares tunnel in León – Asturias line
  • Link between Madrid and Extremadura and the border with Portugal

Source: http://www.eldiario.es/economia/Gobierno-AVE-Galicia-Cantabria-Euskadi_0_257924507.html

Picture: http://www.adif.es

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