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T-TRANS consortium delivers EU market survey

ttrans deliverables logoThe integration of ICT in the transport sector is currently one of the top priorities on the EU agenda. Intelligent Transport Systems can significantly improve efficiency in terms of time and resources used to transport passengers and freight in Europe.

The T-TRANS consortium was responsible for conducting a market and stakeholders analysis on the deployment of ICT in the transport sector, performing a general European market survey completed by a stakeholders’ analysis, in which their business models, power and interest in the market were assessed. In order to narrow down the focus of the analysis, the study was performed in the four case studies defined in the project.

Results of the survey show that intelligent transport systems represent high potential opportunities for ICT companies. Alliances with traditional transport sector stakeholders are a viable strategy for improving the deployment of ITS. Nevertheless, market development is only possible if technological, legal and organisational environments are prepared prior to the general adoption of innovative ITS.

If you are interested in learning more about the survey results, the full report can be downloaded from here: D4.4 Market Study

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