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T-TRANS Consortium participated to the 2014 M2M Innovation World Congress and NFC World Congress

conferences_logosThe 2014 edition of the M2M Innovation Congress and the NFC World Congress were held the 22-24th September in Marseille, France. They were organized with the aim of giving new inspirations for innovation and business setup to public entities and private sector companies. Prominent figures from both NFC and M2M industries, jointly with other sectors presented at the conference. Ignacio Muttoni’s LGI presented as a representative of the European T-TRANS Project consortium. One of the main themes for this year was to translate core M2M technologies into vertical business needs.

The EU funded T-TRANS project aims to enhance the commercialisation process of innovative products and services in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market. One of the main objectives of the studies was to gain a better understanding of the market drivers and barriers for ITS innovation. The European market in the four case studies was analysed by the T-TRANS consortium, combining a general market survey with a focus on key stakeholders.

The “cars & intelligent transport systems” session, in which LGI participated, was leaded by Ludovic Privat, Co-Founder & Editor of GPS Business News. Five experts from the ITS sector intervened in the session, presenting the following subjects:

  • Fleet Management at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Contactless Reader Infrastructures.
  • Secure Smart Motorways by Utilizing Existing Fixed Infrastructure as Access Points
  • Upbringing Innovative Its Producs & Services To The Market
  • The Future of Telematics – OBD II as the Gateway to your Car
  • From the Connected Car to the Car-as-a-Service

The T-TRANS session started with an overview of the project followed by a presentation of the main highlights and results of the market research for two case studies:

  1. The integration of electric vehicle (EV) in smart grids
  2. Smart intermodal transport units (ITU)

The intelligent transport sector represents a market of high potential for M2M and NFC companies with great opportunities. Innovation will play a major role in boosting the integration of ITS in traditional sectors, which will only be possible if the technological, legal and organisational environments are prepared prior to the general adoption of innovative solutions.

For more information please contact us or visit M2M Innovation World Congress website (www.m2minnovationworldcongress.com). The full report about the market study can be downloaded here.

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