T-TRANS Leaflet

Case studies

The following four case studies will be elaborated during the project implementation.

case study 1 smart gridSmart grid: connection, charging and storage of energy. Efficient use of intelligent control systems for battery and network management. Smart integration of electric vehicles into the distribution level networks by means of information and communication technologies.Read more
case study 2 revenue managementRevenue management technologies for freight transport. Gradual application of revenue management in air cargo market in terms of product-oriented and price-oriented demands.read more
case study 3 intelligent ITUsRevolution in intermodal transport units: Intelligent inter-modality. Key technologies for Intelligent Transport Units (ITUs) to increase efficiency, sustainability and transparency of logistic chains with real time information. Advanced information services for freight transportation in Europe with intelligent cargo units that are able to interact with the surrounding environment and autonomously make context-aware decisions.Read more
case study 4 rail networksRail network technological system wide approach. Deployment of new technologies to efficiently gain capability in the European rail network, thus providing opportunity to fulfill the increasing freight traffic demands. Read more