T-TRANS Leaflet

Innovation Chain Analysis

T-TRANS consortium will analyze the “Innovation Chain” operating the pre-selected technologies, set of technologies and applications in order to emphasize all the components necessary to maximize economic benefits from the particular domain.

“Innovation chains” are defined as the paths for bringing an idea to the market. An idea must typically be researched, developed into individual technologies, assembled into systems addressing targeted applications, transformed into a set of usable products and/or services to be inserted into existing value chains. Innovation chains represent therefore a new dimension alongside value chains.

Analysing innovation chains is a prerequisite for ITS as they will significantly impact most links of the current value chains. They represent a systemic adaptation which is nothing but easy.

A first necessary step in order to implement this analysis has been the selection of the case studies, which has been carried out according to identified and validated European Commission roadmaps for Intelligent Transport System research, current trends in the area and relevant priorities identified by EU initiatives (such as the under development Strategic Transport Technology Plan6).