T-TRANS Leaflet

Innovation Network for ITS

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One of the major objectives of T-TRANS project is to reinforce and accelerate the process of innovation diffusion by enhancing the capabilities of existing Innovation support mechanisms and networks for granting better access to the know-how, setting an effective experimental framework for defining effective innovation diffusion strategies for the selected ITS case studies at national and regional level.

T-TRANS project will not start up from scratch a network in innovation for transport in general and Intelligent Transport Systems in particular. We consider that the efforts and resources on this direction have been flowing in enough quantity and intensity in every Member State over the past few years. In the particular case of new accession countries, there should be a deep reflexion on what structures are needed according to a bottom up approach analysis of the flagship strengths and weaknesses of their respective economic strategic areas. Although this in depth reflexion is out of the scope of this project, T-TRANS will actually provide with valuable information about the obstacles for accessing knowledge by SMEs and end users in the ITS domain, which it is expected to be taken into consideration by local policy makers in future actions (attached letter of support from the relevant Ministry).

Following the concept of G-Localization (G-local serves as a mean of combining the needs and impacts derived from globalization with that of local considerations), T-TRANS consortium partners have preselected 3 regions-countries to be the first pilot nodes of the Network. In those 3 regions, 3 ITS specifically driven Communities of Interest to Market (CIM) will be implemented in Central Macedonia (Greece), Galicia (Spain) and Latvia.

G-Local Communities of Interest to Market (CIM)