T-TRANS Leaflet

Market roadmap

ITS systems will significantly impact current businesses and societies. Their successful diffusion demands to adopt a holistic approach, covering all dimensions together: technology, economy, business, value chains, society, culture, policy, industry, direct and indirect stakeholders, skills and education, etc.
For the specific objective of T-TRANS project of creating a systemic approach for Technology Commercialization strategy analysis, it will be necessary to succeed in the analysis of the operational framework for public research funding (environment for innovation) and the absorptive capacity to exploit the knowledge generated.

These specific objectives will be achieved by implementing this holistic approach for evaluating market commercialization of research activities and new technologies, regarding essentially Intelligent Transport Systems through the analysis of the above mentioned case studies. The methodology that will be followed will be based on three highly interconnected tasks: first, map instruments to support commercialization of research (at national and EU level); second, highlight key factors influencing performance of commercialization research; finally, identify channels and options for the commercialization of research applicable for the ITS case studies.
Methodological tasks

i) Mapping instruments to support commercialization of research and technologies: analyzing the environment with a focus on Intelligent Transport Systems

ii) Identification of key factors influencing performance in commercialization transport innovations

iii) Identification of channels and options for the commercialization of research: case studies