T-TRANS Leaflet


T-TRANS aims at providing information on innovation mechanisms for the ITS, facilitating the transfer of related innovative products and services to the market.

The project involves all stakeholders of the transport and ITS innovation chain: Universities, R&D and technology centres, enterprises of any size, regional clusters, public authorities and policy makers, venture capital and other investors, with special focus on SMEs.

The project addresses the difficulty of transferring to market developing technologies with a significant potential for improvement, both in terms of efficiency and costs, once they could be commercialised.

The starting point is a comprehensive analysis of the transport and ITS innovation chains, identifying in four specific case studies, the stages of technology development and time to market, the risk profile and the funding sources and gaps. Moreover, the evaluation of the market commercialization of research will be performed with a holistic approach that includes the mapping of instruments that support commercialization of research and technologies, the identification of the market drivers for transport innovation and of the channels and options for the commercialization of research.

Project results will contribute to fostering the development and deployment of new technologies in ITS development areas related to the four case studies.

Finally, an ITS innovation network will be established, initially with three G-local Communities of Interest to Market (CIMs) that will be implemented in the EU regions of Central Macedonia (Greece), Galicia (Spain) and Latvia, thus setting the basis for the European ITS e-innovation network.