T-TRANS Leaflet

Barcelona hosted the T-TRANS final event

The T-TRANS project “Enhancing the transfer of Intelligent Transport System innovations to the market,” ends in November and held its final event in Casa Convalescència, an historical building managed by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Foto_T-TRANS_1With the participation of Carlo Corposanto, Officer of the European Commission, this ITS European Conference was structured into round tables focused on two of the most important topics nowadays: logistics and electromobility. The combination of experts who took part in each session provided the opportunity to understand these areas from different perspectives at the same time it showed the conclusions reached along the project.

In addition, these explanations were completed with the presentations of the keynote speakers: Igor Kabashkin, Professor at the Institute of Telecommunications and Transport of Latvia and Gereon Meyer, Head of Strategic Projects with the Future Technologies and Europe department of VDI/VDE-IT in Germany.

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