T-TRANS Leaflet

Synthesis report of glocal CIMs

ttrans-deliverables-100One of the major objectives of T-TRANS project has been to reinforce and accelerate the process of innovation diffusion focused on ITS domain. This reinforcement has been enhancing the capabilities of existing Innovation support mechanisms and

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T-TRANS is presented on the 37th edition of “PROJECTS” Magazine

ttrans-logo-100PROJECTS Magazine has been publishing the results of research projects from all over Europe and beyond for many years now. On the 37th edition of “PROJECTS” Magazine T-TRANS is presented. You can read the article here here

Reports on National and International Events linked to Operation of Innovation Network

ttrans-deliverables-100This deliverable reports about different initiatives and events held during the project which were important for the launching and dissemination of the three pilot nodes that are the ground of the T-TRANS innovation network on ITS.

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Final T-TRANS Press Release

project-press-releaseThe final press release informs about the conclusion of T-TRANS, reviewing the objectives met along the different stages of the project. You can download the last press release from here

What might sixty web-based platforms and networks have to tell us about open innovation?

ercim_postsOn the 25th anniversary issue of the ERCIM News, Intelspace SA has been invited and wrote an article presenting the key outcomes of the implemented,through the T-TRANS project, benchmarking exercise of sixty web-based platforms and networks

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3rd issue of the T-TRANS newsletter

ttrans-newsletter-100Following the project's dissemination plan, the T-TRANS consortium has made public available the 3rd issue of its newsletter, providing information on the project's knowledge and outcomes elaborated so far.

T-TRANS consortium delivers EU market survey

ttrans deliverables logoThe integration of ICT in the transport sector is currently one of the top priorities on the EU agenda. Intelligent Transport Systems can significantly improve efficiency in terms of time and resources used to

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Intelligent Transport Systems : T-TRANS consortium delivers EU ITS Innovation Governance survey and guidelines for best practice

ttrans deliverables logoThe T-TRANS project has identified four transport sectors, in order to focus the analysis in four main global areas of interest for ITS deployment: electro-mobility sector, air cargo sector, intermodal freight transport sector and

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1) What is the case study 3 about? Intelligent Containers!

The capacities of many terminals at seaports have reached their limits but the operators and authorities don’t have always the possibility to invest in new infrastructure or land to expand the terminal area and increase the capacity by that way. That is why the efficiency of the container transshipment and transport needs to be increased

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Second T-TRANS seminar on technology commercialization celebrated in Barcelona

The second seminar devoted to analyze and discuss technology commercialization models for the case studies was celebrated last 30th of April in Barcelona, on the premises of UAB in Casa de la Convalescencia (http://www.uab-casaconvalescencia.org/ca/index.php).

Mr. Xavier Leal, T-TRANS project coordinator, hosted and moderated the seminar which was organized in two sessions: during the first session,

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