EU related projects

Three projects: INTRASME, TIPS and T-TRANS, address the same topic “TPT.2012.3-2 Bringing innovative products and services to the market: analysis of pathways and best conditions for innovation”. A good collaboration between the three projects is considered essential for maximizing the expected impact. Therefore close coordination is sought and implemented with the other projects in the same cluster, e.g. exchange of information, sharing of databases, coordination of sampling or analyses, joint workshop, membership in advisory groups.

intrasme-logoINTRASME project seeks to develop clusters of firms working in the field of smart mobility and low carbon transportation in the Midlands (UK), Piedmont (Italy), Warsaw (Poland), Northern and Eastern Bulgaria.

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TIPS-logoThe objective of the TIPS project is to produce better innovation in the transport sector by enhancing the capacity of EU-funded FP projects in the field of transport to be at the source of innovation and to help them transform research results into products and services.

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Other EU funded projects

cargomap-logoThe Air Cargo technology Roadmap CARGOMAP project focuses on the future role of air freight and the definition of a technology roadmap for future cargo aircraft responding to end user requirements and environmental needs. In order to improve seamless flow of goods, Inter-and Co-modality approaches will be considered within the SESAR operational concept.

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Other related initiatives

innovation-center-transport-logisticsThe Innovation Center for Transport, Logistic and Transformation was created in response to the public notice for the establishment and expansion of Regional Innovation Centres, call POR FESR Calabria 2007/2013, Integrated Regional Strategic Project , Regional Network of Innovation Centres, published on 07/09/2010.

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