T-TRANS Leaflet

Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Equipos y componentes de Automoción

To REPRESENT the industry to private and public, national and international organizations.
To promote the SENSIBILITATION of labour about sectorial issues
To COMMUNICATE AND INFORM associates on every issue that could affect their companies
To PROMOTE the parts industry in and outside Spain, in order to reach companies business increase.

SERNAUTO is the Spanish Association of Automotive Equipments and Components Manufacturers. It was founded in 1967 and represents the members’ interests before the public administration and public and private organizations. It is the reference for discussing sectoral issues and the meeting point for companies. Moreover, it develops an awareness-raising task about sectoral issues before the public opinion and Administration, communicates and informs the associates every issue that could affect their companies and aims at promoting the sector in and outside Spain.

Besides the activities of the Working groups (RTD, Aftermarket, Quality, HR, Relation with OEMs, Environmental and Foreign Trade), SERNAUTO provides also assistance to the companies in other matters, such as training, foreign promotion, defence of the Sector’s interests before the EC (as member of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, CLEPA), foster the participation of companies from the automotive sector in international RTD programmes and publications (directories, sector reports and statistics, quarterly magazine).

SERNAUTO is also Coordinator of the Spanish Automotive Technology Platform – Move to Future (M2F), Coordinator of the Spanish ERTRAC Forum and of the Coordination Committee of Transport TPs. It is also member of the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC) and coordinator of its Automotive Committee for Quality and Environment, and participates and holds the secretariat of the Spanish Observatory of the Automotive Component Sector, which, on demand of the Ministry of Industry, performs sectoral studies to analyse its production structure, labour force, technological and commercial situation, etc.

SERNAUTO is coordinating the Spanish Green Cars Support Action and played a key role in the edition of the book “FP7 Green Cars and Leadership Opportunities in Spain” and the CD “Green Cars 2011: Ongoing projects”. They also manage the webpage of the project www.fp7greencars.es, aimed not only at providing information on the European Green Cars Initiative to Spanish actors, but at disseminating the Spanish capabilities in the eco and electro mobility sectors as well.

Role in the project:
Input related to its knowledge of the sector in Spain, and information available due to its participation in European forums (CLEPA, ERTRAC). Dissemination of project results at national and international levels, mainly to its associates and through its participation in Spanish TP and Forums, CLEPA and its contacts with other automotive national trade associations worldwide.

Website www.sernauto.es