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INTELSPACE Innovation Technologies SA

Strategic IntelligenceTechnology TransferCollaborative InnovationDigital Cities and Online Marketing
Strategic Intelligence
Technology Transfer
Collaborative Innovation
Digital Cities and Online Marketing

INTELSPACE offers engineering, IT, and consulting services in the field of intelligent / smart cities. The company specializes in the design and development of physical spaces and virtual environments sustaining key knowledge and innovation processes of intelligent cities, such as strategic intelligence, technology transfer, collaborative innovation, and online marketing and product promotion. INTELSPACE working with interdisciplinary teams brings together expertise from the fields of city development and planning, knowledge and innovation management, and information and communication technologies. The company was founded in 2005 by members of the Urban and Regional Innovation Research Unit (URENIO) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and was incorporated as SA company in June 2007. Main areas of services provision are:

Innovation ecosystems strategic planning and management

  • Development of innovation-led agglomerations
  • Innovation strategy elaboration, including smart specialization (RIS3) strategies
  • Management of regional systems of innovation
  • Management of innovation-led clusters
  • Planning of technology and science parks, innovation centers, technology districts, and incubators.
  • Development of intelligent clusters based on collaborative innovation and foresight
  • User-driven product design and innovation
  • Planning and management of Living Lab environments.

Development of web-based platforms and applications for innovation, focusing on

  • Strategic intelligence applications, which include data collection, analysis, and data dissemination modules. Web-based collaborative intelligence and information crowd sourcing.
  • Technology transfer, which support technology exchanges and collaboration between academia and businesses. Web-based learning environments.
  • Collaborative innovation, which enable a group of actors to work together at different stages of new product development. Crowdsourcing solutions and Living Lab platforms for user-driven innovation.
  • Marketplaces and web-based product marketing and promotion. Social media for marketing. Location-based applications for marketing and promotion.

Intelligent cities development, planning and governance

  • Intelligent / smart cities analysis and assessment.
  • Intelligent city / smart city strategy development. Planning for intelligent city districts (industrial, technology, commercial, CBD, tourism, smart university campus) and city growth sectors.
  • Smart city solutions for (1) the innovation economy and competitiveness, (2) quality of life, (3) intelligent transport, smart energy, and smart city utilities, (4) smart city governance and decision making.
  • Smart city solutions based on future Internet technologies, sensor networks, and urban embedded systems.
  • Intelligent city governance and business models.
  • Intelligent city monitoring, measurement and metrics.

INTELSPACE provides services and solutions for more efficient innovation ecosystems based on information intelligence, user-driven solutions, and web-based collaboration environments.

Role in the project / Main tasks they have been attributed
The main role of the INTELSPACE S.A. is the coordination and implementation of WP6: The implementation of ITS Innovation Network

Website http://www.intelspace.eu