T-TRANS Leaflet

LGI Consulting

Project management
Information technologies

LGI is a very dynamic French consultancy, founded in 2005. It offers services in project management, communication and dissemination, web development, and strategy and innovation studies.

LGI is positioned on high tech sectors, mainly energy, transport, security, and environment. Its approach is multidisciplinary and European (our consultants have competences in law, finance, engineering, IT and are fluent in French, English, German, Spanish, Romanian, Swedish, Greek, Czech). LGI has years of experience with EU projects. It is currently coordinating two EU projects in energy and security, and involved in 10+ others.

Role in the project / Main tasks they have been attributed
LGI will contribute to the T-TRANS project with its key expertise in market research, economic and business modelling and innovation processes. LGI will especially lead Work Package 4 on market roadmap

Website www.lgi-consulting.com