T-TRANS Leaflet

Universita degli Studi di Trieste

Univ. of Trieste is among the best universities in Italy for quality of teaching and excellence of research
2nd in the areas of chemistry and law
6 million euros received as part of the Seventh Framework Programme
1st in Italy in the areas of nanotechnologies and industrial and IT engineering

The University of Trieste (UNITS) was funded in 1924 and consists of 10 Departments, with approximately 700 full-time permanent professors and researchers, and 23000 students (undergraduate, master and Ph.D.).

Role in the project / Main tasks they have been attributed
The main tasks of UNITS in this CSA is devoted to the analysis of current European transport research framework taking into major consideration the policy and legal perspectives. Furthermore, UNITS will develop and assess two use-cases: the role of Revenue Management technologies for freight transport and the evaluation of rail network performances.

UNITS has been performing its research in the field of air, rail and road transportation.

Air transportation. Collaboration with EUROCONTROL (The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), the universities of Belgrade, Bruxelles (ULB), Padova, Milano-Bicocca, and Ca’ Foscari of Venice. Ad-hoc SW for air traffic analysis (SAAM and NEVAC). Its research activities have been funded by the European Union (6th FP), EUROCONTROL, ENAV and MIUR (the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research). UNITS focuses its research on the development of mathematical programming approaches for a) the design of air traffic flow management and collaborative decision making models for the allocation of scare airspace and airport resources and b) congestion pricing and demand management in the European airspace.

Rail transportation. Collaboration with RFI (The Italian Railway Infrastructure Manager), the universities of Padova, Bologna, Ca’ Foscari of Venice, ETH (Zurich) and TU Delft. Ad-hoc SW for railway micro simulation (Open Track) and rail services planning (VIRIATO). Its research activities have been funded by MIUR. UNITS focuses its research on the development of methodologies and tools for rail data analysis and simulation useful for the design of functional development of the network and for the evaluation of alternative for timetables and traffic management strategies.

Road transportation. Collaboration with ANAS S.p.A. (The Italian National Road Company), the universities of Padova, Bologna, Politecnico of Milan and Salerno. Ad-hoc SW for traffic micro simulation (AIMSUN) and for road traffic planning and simulation (VISUM, VISSIM). Its research activities have been funded by MIUR. UNITS focus its research on the development of methodologies and tools for traffic planning and traffic light optimization.

Website www.units.it