T-TRANS Leaflet

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

The Aeronautical Management Technology Innovation Cluster at UAB
In the past years, UAB has become leader in the academic training of Aeronautical Management.
The UAB campus is known for its multidisciplinary approach in its academic, research and knowledge transfer programmes.
The aim of the new cluster is to design new methodologies and procedures for air trasport

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is a public university located in Bellaterra; 77 Undergraduate courses are available at the UAB, covering a wide range of fields. Furthermore, UAB offers a total of 87 doctoral programmes and other postgraduate programmes such as 4 Erasmus Mundus master’s degrees.

UAB brings together in its Campus more than 40.000 students and almost 3.000 researchers. Its main areas of research include Environmental Sciences, Nanotechnology, Microelectronics, Material Science and Engineering, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Logistics and Intelligent Transport Systems and Social Sciences.

The Office for Innovation and Business Creation is part of the Vice-rectorate for Research and offers its services to personnel in UAB looking at starting-up a new business. The aim is for a large part of the knowledge developed in the university to be transferred to society at large. So far, 32 spin-offs and 2 incubators for technology-based companies have been created.

UAB Department of Telecommunication is a pioneer as regards to Modelling and Simulation of complex systems in the Aeronautical Management field, providing since 2009 the first official European degree (240 Cr.) and Msc (60 Cr.) in Aeronautical Management.

Recently UAB has approved the creation of TICAM (Technological Innovation Cluster on Aeronautical Management), which integrates several units and departments (Telecommunications, Research, Techno Transfer). It aims to be a research and technological knowledge transfer centre for the development of aeronautic performance-oriented simulation models.

Role in the project:
UAB will bring its know-how regarding ATC and optimisation of logistic processes. As RTD provider of IT solutions on the field and as a multidisciplinary research centre, TICAM will bring into the proposal a wide know-how of the industry and operators needs, state of the art of EU air transport system contrasted through participation in Single European Sky Initiative. UAB experience in Technology Transfer processes will also be utilized for several key tasks linked to WP3, WP4 and WP5. Therefore, UAB will lead WP1 and WP5, participating in all the rest Work packages.

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