T-TRANS Leaflet

Project implementation

The project is based on two key pillars, Intelligent Transport System technology and applications, and Innovation Network operation, the central piece of this project.
Thus, the main project phases are:

Phase 1.Data collection and Innovation Chain Analysis: WP2, WP3 and WP4

Gathering information on present EU transport research framework with special focus to ITS; analysis of innovation chains in selected case studies, technology mapping and market analysis.
The analysis of innovation chain in 4 test cases will be led by the technology experts of the consortium. A unified methodology for analysing innovation chains, based on to the proposed methodology of this proposal will be validated at the kick-off meeting of the project. An exhaustive but synthetic map of the technological context will be done for the applications analysed during the project. This technological mapping will identify key players of the technology.
Market experts of the consortium will analyse the current market size and drivers for each test case.

Phase 2.Innovation modelling for enhancing the transfer to market of the different specific applications:WP5 and WP6

Based on the information gathered in Phase 1, Phase 2 will develop models for each test case to accelerate innovation diffusion to the market. Models will cover the amelioration of technology commercialization processes from research organisations, the improvement of the innovation acceptance by the market with adapted business models and partnerships.
The discussion upon technology commercialization strategies for the case studies, together with a consolidation of the outputs from Phase 1, will support the elaboration of Best Practice report for ITS applications technology commercialization.
Those discussions will happen during the scheduled meetings of T-TRANS, and will involve relevant stakeholders. In a later stage of the project (from M12), these discussions are expected to be extended into the Innovation Network operation, in order to gather relevant information and cross check procedure coming from the G-local CIMS, involving actors from outside the consortium in the targeted regions, specifically from identified industry sectors and innovation support chain.

Phase 3.Innovation Network operation: WP6

Phase 3 will focus, since the very beginning of the project, on launching the ITS Innovation Network, starting with the pilots in the pre-selected G-local CIMs. As a major activity and output of the whole project, Phase 3 will be highly interconnected with the rest of stages, getting the information coming from Phase 1 and being a key factor for the success of Phase 2. Partners in the regions where the G-local will be implemented have been in charge of defining the existing innovation support systems, contacting main actors in the region (both at innovation support and Transport sector areas) and gather formal compromises to participate in the Network setting. The structure of the T-TRANS network will be multiplied from the three pilot regions to all partners regions in the form of recommendations towards the setting of the EU wide Network (future ITS e-Innovation Network).

Phase 4.Dissemination, Communication and Liaison: WP7

Since the outputs and guidelines developed in this project are a highly strategic work, based on a collaborative effort of experts from very different fields of expertise and of stakeholders, they are of high value for decision makers at the European academia and industry generating innovations on the transport sector. Phase 4 will concentrate on making all reports produced by the CSA. A web site with downloadable documents will be constructed and a dissemination event will be organized at the end of the project to share the conclusions of the consortium among industry and stakeholders.