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T-TRANS Leaflet

Stakeholder Advisory Board SAB

sab-boxThe SAB consists of representatives from industry, international organizations, ETPs and technology transfer networks. The main output from SAB will be to provide sound and valuable advice on project development as well as impact assessment. Their advice will ensure that the templates and guidance documents are factually of high quality, well balanced and focused on practical issues.
We have selected a number of stakeholders proposed by each partner organization, and will use them as nucleus to involve a larger number of stakeholders in and after the kick off meeting (M1).
T-TRANS consortium has predefined a set of primary tasks and activities in which the members of the SAB could be involved.

  • Receive regular updates on project progress.
  • Participation in WP5 Seminars (attending physically or remotely) and WP6 workshops when possible.
  • Provision of feedback and support on the revision of project progress.
  • Elaboration of a final report on the perceived success of the action and recommendations for a future initiative.

The SAB members selected and validated already billaterally by the respective partner being: