T-TRANS Leaflet

Synthesis report of glocal CIMs

ttrans-deliverables-100One of the major objectives of T-TRANS project has been to reinforce and accelerate the process of innovation diffusion focused on ITS domain. This reinforcement has been enhancing the capabilities of existing Innovation support mechanisms and networks for granting better access to the know-how.
Key outcomes of this report are the following:
i) Mapping and understanding of the the regional aspects of different ITS initiatives in three (3) European regions.; ii) Identification and description of fifteen (15) prominent initiatives that afffected positively the regional ITS perspectives and entrepreneurial efforts; iii) Understanding of funding mechanisms of the initiatives in each region; iv) Potential g-local Community of Interest to Market (CIM) members have been identified from the examined initiatives.

You can download the report from this link D6.1 T-TRANS Synthesis Report of G-local CIMs

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