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Members registration form

After the submission and approval from the T-TRANS consortium of the following form your organization will be listed in the T-TRANS network members list and your location identified on the respective map.
The accuracy of the information that you will present are of your sole responsibility. At this stage you won’t be able to edit online your info after submission of the form. In case you want to change anything please download the template and provide all the info.
T-TRANS consortium will attempt to verify the information but this does not mean that we are responsible for the content.


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    The following coordinates are used to place your organization on the geographical map of the T-TRANS network entities.

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    Specific terms regarding personal data protection and IPR

    1. By providing your email address you agree to be informed via email and wordpress.com utility with news and other content by the T-TRANS network. Your contact details will not be sold or provided in any other way, other than publishing them to the directory of members to any other third party other than the T-TRANS consortium. You can unsubscribe or modify the settings of the email notification at any time.

    2. By uploading the logo you provide the T-TRANS consortium the right to publish your logo in the T-TRANS website and modify its dimensions as required. The allowed file types are png|jpg|jpeg|gif. The preferred dimension of the logo is 90px height and 150px width. The size of the file you will upload should not exceed 200kb

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